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Step By Step Productions is a family production company that develops wholesome, uplifting, impactful and moral compass artistic expression through media.


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Joseph King is a successful, young doctor in Jamaica, being groomed by his parents, also doctors, to take over the family’s private hospital. He is hardworking and popular with everyone; however, he is haunted by childhood memories of his beloved grandfather in Accompong, the Maroon village from which his family originated.
Joseph’s father, Christopher King, is dismissive of any idea that connects Jamaicans with Africa. He tries to steer Joseph away from ideas of going ‘back to Africa’, because he considers it a backward step for modern, successful people like his family. Christopher doesn’t share his son’s affection for his own father and wants nothing to do with the ‘bush medicine’ he was famous for amongst the Maroons.

Joseph’s yearning for Africa creates family conflict, further exacerbated by his plastic surgeon sister Dahlia’s jealousy over his position as sole heir to the family’s medical empire. Joseph’s curiosity about Africa is fuelled even more by Kweku, his friend from medical school, who would boast about his homeland Ghana. Kweku’s stories contradict what Joseph hears and sees about Africa in the media, making him even more determined to make his own sojourn to Africa.

A serious tragedy, a chance meeting and an unfulfilled promise drive Joseph towards an uncertain destiny. Will Joseph find what he’s searching for? Or, were his grandfather’s dreams based on myths and fables that have no place in present-day Africa? And, will a trip to the motherland be enough to satisfy his longing for an identity that has so far eluded him?


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Released JAN, 2020


Released SUMMER, 2013

Hush 3 – Twisted Innocence

Released JAN, 2011

Hush 2 – End the Silence 

Released SUMMER, 2009

Hush 1

Released SUMMER, 2008


Chrissy! is a moving, inspirational and uplifting drama about courage, faith, bullying, determination and the power of the human spirit to achieve despite the odds. 

 A very poor 10-year-old girl, Chrissy Wright (Mikaela Harrison) lives on the rough side of town in deplorable conditions with her two siblings and their sick, bedridden mother (Sharon Griffith).  Living without running water, electricity and very little to eat, Chrissy becomes a target for teasing and discrimination from her fellow students at Redemption Primary, and almost all the teachers except for her beloved science teacher, Mr. Fenton (Peter Boyce).  Formidable, Chrissy is determined to push herself out of poverty, overcome the teasing and rise above it all. Through fate, she meets a new student at her school Melissa Edghill (Cara Odonnel), and thus begins a friendship…the meeting of two different worlds – rich and poor, black and white. Will Chrissy ride this gift-horse to the top? Or will her intellect be enough to help elevate her and her family out of their poverty-stricken life?

Chrissy! stars Mikeala Harrison, Cara Odonnel, Mac Fingall, Sophia Thomas (Mikisha from the HUSH series) and Peter Boyce.

Hush 3: Twisted Innocence

Will they survive?
Set on the beautiful paradise island of Barbados, these two innocent, young girls, Mikisha and Claire have experienced everything in life but paradise. Raped and physically abused by their drug dealing father Morris, Mikisha, who is pregnant at the age of 15 and Claire motherless and brokenhearted since the age of 10, are both at the brink of emotional disaster, it’s no wonder that horrible nightmares of abuse and past failures seek to hide true love and happiness from Mikisha and her son, Joshua.

Will they survive?
Is her boyfriend’s (Troy) commitment to her and her son, enough to woo her back or will her new love Brent be able to get her off her confused path and back on the straight and narrow? Will she be able to her younger sister Claire whose twisted lifestyle suffocated and seeks to drain every ounce of life from her?

Is there happiness in paradise for these two innocent souls?

Will they survive?


Hush 2

Hush 2 a riveting drama which takes a peek into a family ravaged by an undercurrent of drugs, violence and abuse. Life of 15 year old Mikisha (Sophia Thomas) has been tough over the last year after she becomes pregnant for her boyfriend Troy (Andrew Thornhill). She has no job and is still desirous of finishing school. Her mother, Darlene a single mom is suffering financially. Will she turn to her boyfriend for help even though his life continues on a downward spiral into drugs?

It is in these tough times when Mikisha needs help that she meets her very wealthy dad, Morris (Mark Daniel) and her sister Claire, (Lesley Cumberbatch). Could this reunion between Mikisha and her dad be the answer to all her financial needs or is this her worst nightmare? Will finding another side of her family give her all the love she has been searching for?

Find out more in Hush 2, a thrilling & eventful story which will make you sit up and think…

Hush 1

Mikisha (Sophia Thomas) thought that love was all she needed. Troy (Andrew Thornhill) was young and ready for life. In her pursuit of love and her desire to have a good time, she made some bad turns in life, and is now faced with a momentous choice which could either take her off course or put her life back on track. Will she disappoint her mother, Darlene, who is a faithful parishioner, and whose devotion to her daughter hinged on pleasing others. Will she take the advice of her best friend Tanya, whose life had seen its shares of turmoil? Or will she follow her conscience.

In Hush, you will be gripped by an all too real story, one which will keep you riveted to your seat as scene after scene brings to life the drama of young love. You will be challenged to extract for yourself a message which will compel you to pick a side…no sitting on the fence.