Summer, 2008

Mikisha (Sophia Thomas) thought that love was all she needed. Troy (Andrew Thornhill) was young and ready for life. In her pursuit of love and her desire to have a good time, she made some bad turns in life, and is now faced with a momentous choice which could either take her off course or put her life back on track. Will she disappoint her mother, Darlene, who is a faithful parishioner, and whose devotion to her daughter hinged on pleasing others. Will she take the advice of her best friend Tanya, whose life had seen its shares of turmoil? Or will she follow her conscience.

In Hush, you will be gripped by an all too real story, one which will keep you riveted to your seat as scene after scene brings to life the drama of young love. You will be challenged to extract for yourself a message which will compel you to pick a side…no sitting on the fence.