Hush 1

Mikisha (Sophia Thomas) thought that love was all she needed. Troy (Andrew Thornhill) was young and ready for life. In her pursuit of love and her desire to have a good time, she made some bad turns in life, and is now faced with a momentous choice which could either take her off course or put her life back on track. Will she disappoint her mother, Darlene, who is a faithful parishioner, and whose devotion to her daughter hinged on pleasing others. Will she take the advice of her best friend Tanya, whose life had seen its shares of turmoil? Or will she follow her conscience.

In Hush, you will be gripped by an all too real story, one which will keep you riveted to your seat as scene after scene brings to life the drama of young love. You will be challenged to extract for yourself a message which will compel you to pick a sitting on the fence.

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The HUSH Series

The HUSH series is made up of three Barbadian movies produced in three years HUSH, HUSH 2- End The Silence, HUSH 3-Twisted Innocence.  HUSH had a 5 weeks run in the Barbadian cinema, HUSH 2 had an eight week run and HUSH 3 now in its 8th (eighth week)  may run for 11 weeks.
Step by Step Productions plans to launch the type of advertising that will activate every available channel for distribution of the films locally, regionally and beyond.

HUSH Series Successes:

  4. HUSH 1- People’s Choice AWARD (Atlanta- Kingdom Film Festival )


“Every now and again you come across a masterpiece. On this occasion for Hush 3: Twisted Innocence, you’d have to travel to Barbados for the third of this trilogy…  This is the finest feature film to be released from Barbados and is most likely to gain many awards.”

Stephen Hall UK Film Critic

"HUSH 2 Premiere gets standing ovation in Jamaica.  Look out Hollywood there is a new kid in town. It is the Barbadian film HUSH 2-End The Silence”

Jamaica Gleaner, Marcia Rowe

“I heartily support Marcia Weekes in her effort to professionalize the standards of production in Barbados’ growing film industry.  Her dedication to her craft, to continued learning and training of her participants is to be admired and supported.” 

Alison Sealy-Smith  (Barbadian film and television actress with an extensive career in film, television and theatre both in the US and Canada)

“They have a story to tell and are contributing to the development of the local film industry. They are developing a method of story- telling in the cinema that is rooted in the Caribbean, speaks to the Caribbean people and showcases the potential of Barbadian talent”

The Barbados Advocate

 “...The HUSH film makers are poised to achieve greater success because their film making culture captures the contemporary Barbados. Two films in two years is an enviable track record for local filmmakers who could learn important lessons from HUSH 2…”

Professor Gladstone Yearwood – Director of The Errol Barrow Center For Creative Imagination (UWI)